Shenzhen Jimei Huatai Technology Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Jimei Hua Tai Technology Co., Ltd. is returned overseas Chinese investment in high-tech enterprise in China, with green around the world, science and technology to create the future for the vision, global services as the goal, to improve people‘s living environment and improve industrial automation efficiency and provide innovative solutions. Company headquarters and R & D, some production base in Shenzhen, the other in 2014 to set up factories in Suzhou, investment research and production of intelligent lift tables. We have offices in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Suzhou, Chengdu, in order to facilitate more efficient and effective customer service.

  The company in the new energy industry specializing in the development of photovoltaic power generation optical tracking system recovery, development and engineering design and technical advisory services. Company and Wuhan University of Technology Institute of Electrical, Southwest University of Science and Technology Laboratory of automatic control technology and other research institutions to establish a good relationship between science and technology cooperation. To achieve solar panels for solar energy in the highest conversion rates, changes in the traditional fixed solar panels installed on the drawbacks of solar energy utilization is low. The company developed the "JM-T010 / JM-T020 / JM-T030 series of highly efficient solar light automatic recovery system." The tracking system can be achieved in the presence of sunlight situation, at any time to make a solar panel in direct sunlight, and its technology has reached domestic leading level.

  In addition the company undertaking the development of the electromechanical linear mechanical and electrical products are imported Taiwan mold and advanced processing equipment, combined with high-quality mechanical and electronic components to create a first-class quality, elegant appearance, low noise, long life, small size quality electric linear actuators. And portfolio diversification JMK products enrich the scope of products and can provide customers with a variety of options to address the design and production of the use of practical problems.

  About Smart lift tables, we invested in Suzhou plant, producing the appearance of fine quality and reliable smart lift tables and control system aircraft. Our design is to introduce the concept of ergonomics, combined with advanced intelligent concept of health in Europe, the introduction of intelligent lift table series products, and we recommend alternating working hours as standing, sitting, which is to ensure the health of the body but also improve work efficiency!

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